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But their brains were just as large as ours and often larger - proportional to their brawnier bodies. This technology differs from earlier ‘core tool’ traditions, such as the Acheulean tradition of .

Neanderthals made and used a diverse set of sophisticated tools, controlled fire, lived in shelters, made and wore clothing, were skilled hunters of large animals and also ate plant foods, and occasionally made symbolic or ornamental objects. Acheulean tools worked from a suitable stone that was chipped down to tool form by the removal of flakes off the surface.

In 1864, it became the first fossil —means “valley” in German). Left-right arm asymmetry indicates that they hunted with thrusting (rather than throwing) spears that allowed them to kill large animals from a safe distance.

That and much more was the result of “Project Resurgence.” As Lauran Sabourin reports, it was a massive bust that took down the “Black Pistons” and “Outlaws” motorcycle gang members in St.

Catharines and police say it put a dent in drug trafficking across Southern Ontario. We’re glad to get them off the street.” This investigation was sparked by the St. Since January, they were noticing drug trafficking and home invasions that had the mark of an Outlaws motorcycle gang.” Police say outlaw bikers are into cocaine and heroin dealing, extortion theft and prostitution. Now with this weeks raids and arrests, police believe they’ve squashed the Black Pistons, and ultimately the outlaws attempts, to gain a foothold in the region.

And which reality TV star asked her mom for birth control when she decided to have sex?

(Update) 24 hours after a series of simultaneous raids on a biker gang in St.