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Patong Beach is now second only to Pataya in terms of its filth and debauchery. They are available to take home, but it’s going to cost you.

I don’t mind the filth, although that’s not my end goal in a vacation destination, so much as I mind all the tourist trap-ism. First, you will be expected to buy them “lady drinks” at the bar, non-alcoholic fruit drinks that are the most expensive drinks on the menu.

Many men come to Phuket and go in search of bar girls around Patong and other areas, but there is also a Phuket dating scene that is a little more user-friendly.

There are are plenty of Asian dating sites that can help, but it’s difficult to know where to start.

For many visitors to Thailand, a visit to a go-go bar or sex show is on their must do list.

The aggressive ping pong show sales associates have no shame, you can be with your girlfriend, wife or even your children and have ping pong shows forced down your throat all day.If I didn’t know the answer, I asked some Thai and foreign friends.Most of the questions centered on the best cities in Thailand to find decent women.based on many attributes, including the women’s ability to converse in English.Furthermore, not only women can be found in these cities, naturally, good Thai men can be found too.However if you want to talk to the girls in the beer bars they will be happy to have a chat or play bar games such as connect-four or dice games.