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The situation is this: a husband and wife are separated for a long period of time, they have each other’s permission to masturbate, and they masturbate without pornography or having lustful or immoral thoughts about others. Is there anything wrong with a married couple separated due to military service, for example, masturbating while apart from each other?

It is true that sexual tension increases when a person who is used to having sex is denied sex for a significant time.

(Photo Credit: Splash) As for dealing with cyber-bullies, the Florida native has said, "They all think they know what they're talking about.

We've had cyber sex through text but lately we've moved on to the idea of using video chat to watch each other masturbate.

I'm excited about the possibility, and he seems to be, too, but I have some concerns: Am I being naive and letting too much of my guard down?

Dear Alice, I have a friend who moved away for college whom I have kept in touch with.

We are very open with and trusting of each other, and we've started to communicate in-depth about sex (fantasies, masturbation, but we're both virgins).