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Are emily blunt and john krasinski dating

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The father to two young daughters (with Blunt), he's not one to share photos of his girls—but he has no problem talking about all their hopes and dreams. If you’re crying on set—which all the time—then something’s working.

As for what goes on behind closed doors when she’s alone with Krasinski, she teased, “Why would I ever tell you the kind of sorted, dirty things that go on? It’s quite boring.” The mother of two also revealed that her eldest daughter, Hazel, loves to watch her get ready for the red carpet.

She just said, 'Yes, definitely,' " Krasinski says. Besides the obvious towel appeal at home, Krasinski's metamorphosis from .They're by Stella Mc Cartney and we love the chunky frame and marbled tortoiseshell effect.The shape is super flattering, and ever the green queen, Stella's specs are made using natural and renewable resources.And for their meal the group chose the popular Mexican restaurant La Esquina, just two days before Chelsea's mom is set to take on Donald Trump and his wall building, anti-Mexican immigration beliefs in Monday night's debate.She upset some when she joked that shortly after learning she had passed the necessary test she and Krasinski watched the Republican debate, which amde her rethink her desire to become a citizen of this country.There's something hugely beautiful and powerful about that." It's also about exes and relationships, and the drama that comes with wondering what might have happened if you chose another path. You’ve had the film’s premiere, the junket, and gone on ]Glamour: This movie was so beautiful. And that’s why it’s so special to hear that because with a movie like this it’s an easy litmus test.